Leading the Way in Healthcare Communications through Key Insights and Observations

Leading the Way through Key Insights and Observations

Case Studies

Our track record is in delivering outcomes that meet the objectives of our varied spectrum of customers. Read a case study to discover how we can create measurable value for you.

Case Study 5

Develop a Sustainable Digital Outreach Program

In a short amount of time, Aetna Medicaid gathers results and insights from a multimodal digital outreach pilot to better inform its decision-making.

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Achieve Broad Reach, Close Gaps and Drive HEDIS Outcomes

Community Care Plan embraced multimodal digital communications to achieve operational efficiencies while delighting their members.

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Case Study 1

Innovative Outreach Initiative Drives QARR/HEDIS Improvement

Learn how a major health plan launched an outreach initiative that not only rapidly increased member engagement but also delivered statistically significant increases in preventive visits.

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Text Messaging Improves Adherence with Diabetes Management

This 2-year-long program, conducted in 3 languages, demonstrated that intelligent mobile messaging as a disease management complement increased diabetes related screenings by almost two-fold.

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Case Study 3

Mobile Messaging — A Viable Way to Engage Medicaid Members

Read the trailblazing study that debunked many myths about communicating with Medicaid beneficiaries while laying the foundation for HealthCrowd's industry push towards outcomes, not mere outreach.

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Thought Leadership Papers

We take our reputation as the innovation leader in healthcare communications very seriously. That includes sharing our learnings with the industry.

Medicaid Beneficiaries Tell-All

Medicaid Beneficiaries Tell-All

Data doesn't lie. This article gives Medicaid beneficiaries a voice on the topic of member communications by using insights derived from hundreds of millions of communications that have flowed through our platform.

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Considerations For Developing a Digital Communications RFP

Getting ready to issue a member communications RFP or simply want some guidance? This guide captures many of the of the items that need to be understood and planned for in order to launch your initiative successfully, on-time and create quantifiable value for you. It even includes some of the best RFP questions we've seen, categorized by topic.

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Thought Leadership Series Vol2.

Scalable Text Outreach — Balancing Risk Versus Reward

The value of technology is only realized with adoption. Many health plans are beginning to embrace digital outreach to engage their members, with texting being one of the higher priorities. But, implementing a program that delivers on the promise of this new modality is non-trivial. Read our latest Thought Leadership Series to gain insights on enrollment approaches and how that can determine the success of your text outreach.

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Past Webinars

Periodically, HealthCrowd invites community partners to engage in dialogue over the latest trends in healthcare. These thought provoking and informative discussions are archived below.

HealthCrowd - Manatt Webinar

TCPA 2.0 — Navigating the World of Health Communication Compliance

Hear from industry experts on how to better understand the July 2015 TCPA ruling, how it impacts your member outreach, and what other leaders in the community are doing to meet these regulations.

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Medicaid Beneficiaries Tell-All — About How They Want To Communicate With You

Join Bing, CEO of ACAP Preferred Vendor, HealthCrowd, for an eye-opening presentation in her signature style - candid but respectful, with a touch of dry health plan humor. As a pioneer in mobile communications for Medicaid plans, this webinar will be an entertaining role reversal, giving Medicaid beneficiaries a voice on this topic using insights derived from millions of Medicaid member communications. Bonus: Case study presented by an ACAP plan!

HealthCrowd - NADP Webinar

Multimodal Digital Dental Outreach

Learn about the country's first true multimodal dental program, using text & picture messaging (SMS & MMS), interactive voice response (IVR) and mobile websites to reach, engage and activate members in their dental care and/or that of their children. The goal: To study how digital outreach can remove barriers to care and ultimately drive increased compliance with recommended Annual Dental Visits (ADV). We will walk you through lessons learned from this pioneering effort so that you can be more successful in implementing your digital outreach programs. Uncover wastage and missed opportunities. This webinar will be one every dental executive and state representative can derive value from. Join us if you're ready to walk down the path of turning your member outreach into a strategic lever and secret advantage for your organization and your clients.

TCPA & HIPAA: Equip Yourself to Develop a Risk-managed Digital Member Outreach Strategy

Join Marc S. Roth, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips., LLP, and Neng “Bing” Doh, HealthCrowd CEO and Founder and learn how you can develop a risk-managed digital member outreach strategy:

  • Dissect the TCPA ruling for healthcare organizations
  • Cover highlights from the July 2015 Order
  • Explain the relationship between TCPA and HIPAA
  • Walk you through step-by-step analyses, using typical health plan campaigns (quality/disease management outreach, member welcome, and retention) as examples
  • Discuss ways to manage risk for your health plan
  • Share outcomes of recent and relevant cases, e.g. Blue Shield of California

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